Close-up photo of a group of blue-tinted molecules with one large blue molecule in the center

Introducing βSTEM6

The Molecule with the Power to Transform Skin

Our discovery of this superpower ‘metamolecule™’ marks a new era of biomimetic skincare.

Close-up photo of transparent molecules overlaying a white smear of lotion on a gray background.

The exclusive and patent-pending βSTEM6 technology was discovered by Dr. Fuqiang Ruan, an innovative scientist with a doctorate in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

Dr. Ruan has a record of scientific advances including the discovery and patenting of multiple first-in-class pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

He previously worked in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Kahn, Professor of Cancer Biology and Molecular Medicine at the Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope.

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In an independent, dermatologist-supervised clinical study, users found that after 8 weeks of use:

  • 92%

    agreed skin texture is smoother and more refined

  • 80%

    agreed skin looks firmer and lifted

  • 80%

    agreed skin looks significantly clearer

  • 80%

    agreed skin looks more luminous and radiant

  • 80%

    agreed skin looks healthier and more youthful

Genesis Molecular Serum with βSTEM6 has been clinically tested and proven effective for the following skin concerns:

  • • fine lines and wrinkles

  • • uneven skin tone

  • • lack of radiance

  • • skin roughness

  • • skin firmness

  • • facial sagging

  • • skin discolorations