Innovation in Skincare:

Science First

βSTEM6 marks a new category of biomimetic skincare technology. This patented ‘metamolecule™’ stimulates your biology’s inherent ability to support cell longevity and rejuvenate skin.

Genesis Molecular Serum with βSTEM6 is the first and only bioserum of its kind.


What Customers Are Saying

Headshot of reviewer Kathy T. showing woman with short brown hair and brown eyes looking into camera.
Headshot of reviewer Anne M. showing woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera.
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After using the serum, my skin texture felt smoother and firmer and my skin looked healthier and more radiant, so much so that my husband even noticed!

Kathy T.

I love how this soaks into my skin and feels so silky. I have noticed a huge difference—my skin is radiant and plump in the morning, with fewer wrinkles and much brighter.

Anne M.

What drew me to the product was the “real” science supporting it. I’ve found that the product feels great and absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I think my skin already looks brighter and I can’t wait to see the results I get over time.

Ken P.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Representing the future of skin health doesn’t stop at transforming the science behind it. Michal Morrison is also dedicated to achieving new standards for ethical skincare.

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A Note From Our Founder

Photo of Founder Michal Morrison showing a woman with long brown hair and bangs wearing a light blue blouse smiling at the camera with her head leaning on one hand in front of a light brown patterned background

In an industry that reinforces unattainable and ever-evolving definitions of beauty, our mission is to offer an alternative.

When developing our Genesis Molecular Serum, I wanted not only to create a product of unparalleled efficacy, but one that challenges the dominant beauty narrative.

We’ve replaced the frantic pursuit of perfection with a philosophy based on simplicity, self-confidence and the knowledge that we each have profound intrinsic potential.

It starts with βSTEM6, our groundbreaking scientific discovery that works directly where healthy skin begins—in the regenerative power of our own cells.

By unlocking the vitality that already exists within you, we’ve pioneered a new approach to skin health that cherishes the elegance of life in every stage.

Because we know that beauty begins with you.