How much of the Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum should I use for maximum efficacy?

The Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum was formulated to be nourishing but light in texture. When applied to damp skin, one pump of product should be adequate for the face and neck. An additional pump of product can be used on the chest if desired.

What time of day should I apply Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum?

While a powerful bioactive ingredient, the βSTEM6 molecule does not increase photosensitivity like retinol, so it is safe to apply as part of your morning or evening skincare regimen. We recommend applying the product twice a day for best results.

Can I pair Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum with other products?

Yes. The βSTEM6 molecule does not cause skin inflammation like other active ingredients, so it is safe to pair Genesis βSTEM6 Molecular Serum with other skincare products if you have an established regimen.

What order should I layer my skincare products when using Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum?

Skincare products should be applied based on consistency; the thinnest or lightest products should be applied first so they can absorb into the skin effectively. Thicker or heavier products, such as emollient moisturizers are applied last. The Genesis βSTEM6 Molecular Serum is a very light consistency, therefore it is applied after cleansing, and prior to your moisturizer and SPF in the morning and before your night cream or retinol treatment at night.

Is Genesis βSTEM6® Molecular Serum safe for sensitive skin?

The βSTEM6 molecule is a patented, biotech breakthrough that helps reverse the signs of aging caused by sun damage without skin irritation. It has been irritancy tested and determined safe and effective on all skin types including sensitive skin.

Can I find the βSTEM6 molecule in other products?

The βSTEM6 molecule is proprietary and patented biotechnology exclusively available in Michal Morrison skincare products.

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